Consistent product quality and availability of substantial stock makes DPV® a dependable choice for industrial valves where total reliability is of the utmost concern.


DPV® manufactures valves to industry and international standards, such as API and ISO standards, or to customer specified requirements, both promptly and economically.


DPV® maintains an extensive quality system which complies with the requirements of major oil companies, industry standards, and to the ISO 9000 standard.

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All DPV® valves have unique serialization to facilitate 100% traceability and for verifying authenticity.


DPV® valves are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of, and pressure tested in accordance with API and ISO standards.


Materials of construction include the ASTM range of carbon steels, the ASTM range of alloy steels, and the ASTM range of corrosion-resistant steels, including duplex and super-duplex steels; the pressure-containing components being of high integrity casting and forging.


All DPV® valves can be easily adapted for actuation to most makes of actuators or to suit customer specifications.

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DPV® Valves installed at Gas Distribution Facility in Vietnam
DPV® Valves installed at Gas Distribution Facility in Vietnam




In concert with customers' continual efforts to both reduce the cost of ownership and reduce environmental impact, DPV® also manufactures a range of low-emission valves offering minimum leakage and maximum service life in the stem sealing and body joint areas.

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Globe Valves
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